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A team of engineering simulation experts with a mission: solve engineering issues for our clients and help them innovate.

BSim is a Siemens Expert Solution Partner, authorized distributor of several Siemens engineering simulation software and a trusted provider of engineering services.

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BSim in Numbers

BSim Engineering is founded upon over 20 years of experience in engineering simulation.
In 2010 BSim becomes an official Siemens Solution Partner and authorized distributor of Siemens engineering software in Italy.

With 4 European offices, in Augsberg (Germany), Torino (Italy), Lyons (France), Turin (Italy) we provide our clients with the proximity and localized technical support that is required in the industry

As of 2018, BSim's dedication and technical competence is repayed by Siemens, as BSim is awarded the title of of Siemens "Smart Expert" .

The Engineering Service division in BSim is made up of skilled engineers, with sub-divisions specializing in hydraulics, thermal, mechanical and electrical engineering and simulations,

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Business Units

Simulation Software

A wide portfolio of software technologies dedicated to engineering design, simulation and optimization.

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Engineering Services

The expertise of our application engineers and the most advanced simulation technologies, both at your service

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Simulation Accademy

Standard and Personalized Training Courses to improve your skills with engineering simulation.

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Why choose BSim

We're passionate about what we do and we're forever looking for smarter ways and better tools to do it.

A 1-Stop-Provider, for software, engineering services, staffing and resource training.

Lean and flexible structure, contributing to a convenient pricing and fast response

A team of highly professional, techically qualified and specialized resources, with strong problem solving abilities.

Our Offices


BSim Group Headquarters

Corso Generale Giuseppe Govone, 18
10129 Torino - ITALY

Tel: +39 011 192 11 729
Mail: info@bsim.it

BSim Germany

Am Mittleren Moos 48
D-86167 Augsburg - DEUTSCHLAND

Tel: +49 (0)821 26 85 99 18

BSim Switzerland

Piazzetta San Carlo 2
Lugano 6900 - SWITZERLAND

Tel: +41 91 210 21 94

BSim France

31 rue Laure Diebold
Parc d’activité Greenopolis
69009 Lyon - FRANCE

Tel: +33 (0)4 13 68 09 27

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