Solutions for the Automotive Sector

Use engineering simulation software to validate performance and reliability of a new design and the validity of its control in order to reduce experimental tests, costs and development times.


The technologies and skills offered by BSim to automotive industry’s companies cover the following areas:

Consumer Analysis, Emissions, Power Management

Quickly build virtual prototypes of different design layouts of the propulsion system;

Compare the dynamic performance of each design, on the same mission profile, by extrapolating emissions and consumption trends;

Analyse all the vehicle systems in the same virtual model, by simulating energy requirements, absorption, dissipation;

Identify the best trade-off between performance and efficiency.

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3D Fluid Dynamics Simulation

Study how your product interacts with fluids.

Analyse the fluid-dynamic and thermal behaviour of the product, directly from the CAD and with the automatic meshing system proposed by FloEFD.

Study fluid mechanics through its main variables: pressure, temperature, density, speed, viscosity.

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Multi-physical Dynamic Simulation 0D / 1D

Predict the dynamic performance of any vehicle system (climate, suspension, steering, brakes, transmission, engine and auxiliary systems…) with Simcenter Amesim’s model-based simulation.

Evaluate the response of a new design to given operating conditions, before a prototype is available.

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Frequency Analysis for Vibration Study

Study the layout dynamic behaviour when it’s subjected to vibration.

Deepen the causes of unwanted mechanical vibrations or the ones due to fluid-structure couplings.

Avoid mechanical resonance phenomena by identifying the proper frequencies of the system components and unwanted couplings.

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Powertrain electrification

Model and virtually simulate new hybrid propulsion architectures, by evaluating the performance of different configurations in series or in parallel:

  • identify the system energy needs with according to the desired performance;
  • choose the optimal battery size, simulate the behaviour on the driving cycle taking into account aging phenomena;
  • identify optimal control in order to maximize efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.
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Virtual Validation Controls

Create high-fidelity plant models of the physical and dynamic behaviour of vehicle systems, with model-based simulation software compatible with real time.

Combine the physical model with the control software, verify through the virtual model behaviour, the goodness of the control during a work cycle.

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Simulation and Real Benefits

“We can give more precise directions to our suppliers and save a lot of hardware loops.
We have really succeeded evaluating many more possibilities in shorter time thanks to using Simcenter Amesim.”

Ing. Giacomo Papotti
R&D Transmission Department
Automobili Lamborghini

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“Thanks to Simcenter Amesim, our company address not only thermal engine (gasoline and Diesel) engineering challenges
but also electrified powertrains meaning hybrid and electric ones”.

Vincent Talon
Simulation and project leader
Renault Nissan

“Enabling seamless cost reduction and time savings, Simcenter Amesim is now being
used to address more projects.”

Michael Martin
System Simulation Manager for Driving Performance and Fuel Efficiency
Magna Steyr Engineering

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