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June 20 , 2019 | Posted by BSim |
Nuclear power station thermal-hydraulic safety
the Institute of Nuclear Thermal-Hydraulic Safety and Standardization (NCEPU) validates feedwater system with Simcenter Flomaster Safety and reliability are the most important considerations in the operation of nuclear power stations. Many factors such as centrifugal pump start up, valve adjustment, bubble collapse can cause rapid changes of velocity and pressure, resulting in water hammer which [...]  0
June 18 , 2019 | Posted by BSim |
Early evaluation of two-phase flow cycle performances with Simcenter Amesim
When speaking about the performances of a two-phase flow system like a heat pump, dynamic system simulation is a great tool. Simcenter Amesim has a set of built-in demonstrators about refrigerant Rankine cycles and heat pumps.  A first step to create such a simulation model is to predesign the desired cycle and check its performances. Let us [...]  0
June 18 , 2019 | Posted by BSim |
Improving efficiency in a linear cycle motion in Punching Machines with Simcenter Amesim
Source: Power Transmission and Motion Control 2006, Edited by Dr. D.N. Johnston and Professor K.A. Edge; “Improving efficiency in a linear cycle motion”; J. Mäkitalo; Finn-Power Oy, Finnland This paper deals with the energy consumption of the double acting hydraulic cylinder. The main goal is to find out the method to maximize the efficiency of [...]  0
June 17 , 2019 | Posted by BSim |
Speeding up the design process in the field of Industrial Automation
Today, mass consumption leads to new trends in terms of production. In order to meet production requirements (such as quality, safety, throughput and costs) processes must be automated. Process automation is a branch in the automation world that deals with continuous processes and therefore, with continuous process values like temperature, pressure or flow, compared to factory [...]  0
June 14 , 2019 | Posted by BSim |
Can cows fly? Simcenter FLOEFD investigates
Part 1 – Only in the mooovies It has been observed that cows tend to stand with their rumps facing the oncoming wind. There has been much debate (if you know where to look), stretching back almost weeks, as to why this might be. We’ll come back to this pressing question at the end. In [...]  0
June 11 , 2019 | Posted by BSim |
FLoEFD Heat Exchanger Design for Performance – Demonstration Video
Simcenter FLoEFD is a front-loading CFD that is fully embedded in the most Popular CAD programs such a Siemens NX, PTC CREO, CATIA V5 and integrate with your CAD geometry. In this video we'll be looking at a radiator which can be found in many automotive applications. Want to receive content like this directly to [...]  0
June 11 , 2019 | Posted by BSim |
Picanol uses Simcenter Amesim to design energy efficient weaving looms
PICANOL Manufacturer uses Simcenter Amesim to develop the “most energy-efficient weaving looms on the market” BUSINESS CHALLENGES Conduct early-stage simulation to release innovative products faster Produce machines that have a low cost of lifetime ownership Manufacture energy-efficient machines without sacrificing performance THE SECRETS OF SUCCESS Support the scalable optimization of energy flows. Take into account [...]  0
June 11 , 2019 | Posted by BSim |
Steering Towards Flow Optimization
FloEFD™ is an established part of the development process at Robert Bosch Automotive Steering GmbH “Using FloEFD within our PTC Creo environment has allowed us to frontload full CFD simulation into our design processes, cutting design times and making optimization possible from the very start of the development process. FloEFD has helped us meet today’s [...]  0
June 7 , 2019 | Posted by BSim |
Geek Hub What’s the Fastest Way to Dry Your Hands? FloEFD Investigates…
I haven’t got very big hands, quite the opposite in fact, so it’s not as if I spend an inordinate amount of time standing there with my just washed hands under a convective hand dryer in a public/office toilet (who has these things at home anyway?).Whenever I do though I’m always wondering whether I’m doing it [...]  0
June 7 , 2019 | Posted by BSim |
Deploy system simulation throughout the enterprise
Today, I am going to break the myth that Simcenter Amesim is only designed for system simulation experts. Below are some concrete examples how Simcenter Amesim can be widely deployed in your company. I will showcase that indeed it’s a powerful tool which brings advanced functionalities for simulation experts, but it is also an easy-to-use [...]  0

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