Minimizing Pressure Loss with CFD-3D Simulations

Eliminating or reducing pressure losses is a vital necessity for many applications. After all, a pressure drop translates to a loss in energy which would have to be compensated by a higher energy demand for the pump or fan to overcome that loss. Therefore, it stands to reason that an optimized design resulting in the [...]



Top 7 Tips to Increase Engineering Productivity by Frontloading CFD

The global competitive landscape for manufacturing is squeezing everyone—from the Tier 1 automotive companies to electronics goods manufacturers. It is shortening the required time to market and with little warning. This high-pressure environment requires high productivity from its players resulting in either doing things faster and leaner without compromising quality or giving the game away [...]



FloEFD Validation Example: Pin-fin Heat Sink Cooling by Natural Convection

Heat sink technologies play a vital role in electronic systems cooling, let's look deeper into their fluiddynamic behaviour in this white paper. Engineers tasked with designing modern electronics, are facing several challenges: more functionality, more power and more components in ever-smaller packages, as well as shorter turnaround for production and tighter budget parameters. Heat sinks [...]