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Concept Development

Robust Design


Concept Development


Architecure definition and system requirements

Rely upon BSIM to support you in the initial phases of product conception, choosing among new designs, and technologies.
Before CAD creation, 0D/1D simulation software, is used in BSim to select the best sizing of new components and systems.
Dynamic performance of the new design, is virtually tested to assess design feasibility very early in the product development cycle.

Light-weight structure development

Weight reduction and structural resistance are often analyzed down-stream in the development process, with higher expense and hurdles for the engineering department. With basic information on the loads, and the maximum package space of the component, BSim can provide optimized, minimum weight, structurally-efficient 3D designs, while keeping manufacturing constraints, and conflicting natural modes in mind.

Kick-off your product development with a light-weight and structurally resistant concept.

Robust Design


Finite Element Modeling and Analysis

BSim carries out FEA structure stress analysis with finite element method. We can support you with complex issues, like behaviour of advanced materials, such as Carbon FibreReinforced Plastics (CFRP) and Metal Matrix Composites (MMC), post-buckling, bonding failure and damage progression.

Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation

The CFD applications we specialize in: vehicle aerodynamics & thermal management, aerospace aerodynamics, active flow control, aeroacoustics, combustion, multi-phase flows.

Transient Behaviour Simulation

Simulation of a system's or a component's dynamic performance, with 0D/1D simulation software, allows BSim to predict the "real" behaviour of a newly designed system, before the client creates the first prototype, and provide solutions for its optimization. The model can be tested at several working conditions and in hypothetical critical use situations, to verify design robustness.

BSim also employes this kind of simulation, during testing trouble shooting activities: the virtual model is used to reproduce failure situations, understand root causes of the issue, and virtually test if alternative designs will react better to the critical working condition.

Linear Frequency Studies (eigenvalues & modal analyses)

Vibrations and noise issues are often addressed during the final testing phase. To solve them, product design variations are applied with a trial and error approach: it's a time consuming process that leaves a company guessing how come a specific design worked and the others didn't.

BSim can support you by carrying out frequency-domain simulations on a virtual model of your product to detect the issue root causes any conflicting modes, and more importantly suggest a viable design solutions with an understanding of its behaviour.



Multi-objective parametric optimizations

The core job of an engineer is to select the best design option within a range of possibilities, that satisfies the performance, efficiency, resistance and cost objectives that have been defined for that project. The process we just described is basically a multi-objective optimization problem.
BSim employs advanced multi-objective optimization software to perform mathemathical optimization of product design and design parameters, to reach the objectives assigned by the client, while taking into consideration all the manufacturing, cost, and other, contraints.


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