Utilize our engineering simulation software to validate performance and reliability of a new design, reduce experimental tests, costs and development times. Discover BSim’ssoftware solutions dedicated to the automotive sector.

Fuel consumption analysis, Emissions, Power Management

Energy management decisions influence various factors in the development of off-road vehicles, from fuel consumption to emissions, through the powertrain design and the thermal systems performance, such as HVAC and the engine cooling system.

For this reason it is essential to make correct energy management decisions from the beginning of the design process, using 1D simulation tools, such as Simcenter Amesim.

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3D Fluid Dynamics Simulation

Study how your product interacts with fluids.

Analyze the fluid-dynamic and thermal behavior of the product, directly from the CAD and with the automatic meshing system proposed by FloEFD.

Study fluid mechanics through its main variables: pressure, temperature, density, velocity, viscosity.

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Multi-physics Dynamic Simulation 0D/1D

Predict the dynamic performance of any vehicle system (HVAC, suspension, steering, brakes, transmission, engine and auxiliary systems …) with simulated model-based simulation of Simcenter Amesim.

Evaluate the response of a new design to given operating conditions, before a prototype is available.


Virtual Validation Controls

Create high-fidelity plant models of the physical and dynamic behavior of vehicle systems, with model-based simulation software compatible with real time.

Couple the physical model with the control software, verify through the behavior of the virtual model, the goodness of the control during a work cycle.

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Powertrain Electrification

Model and virtually simulate new hybrid or electric propulsion architectures, evaluating the yield of different configurations in series or in parallel:
  • identify the energy requirements of the system compared to the desired performance;
  • choose the optimal size of the battery, simulate the behavior on the driving cycle taking into account aging phenomena;
  • identify optimal control in order to maximize efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.
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Hydraulic Resonances Simulations

Identify the causes of unwanted vibrations that occur in certain working conditions with linear analysis.

Use the simulation to identify design variations in order to resolve instabilities due to fluid- structure couplings.

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Simulation and Concrete Benefits

“We can definitely say that LMS Amesim reduced a considerable part of the
development time by a factor of 5, and then we are not even talking about cost.”

Dr. Lorenzo Serrao
Advanced Engineering

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“Simcenter Amesim is indispensable software for the development of our hydraulic systems.
It is actively used especially in the early design phase.
furthermore, even if we have problems with the proto, we can quickly solve it with the digital twin”

Kang Byeong IL,
Ricercatore Senior

“The design table functionality is extremely helpful for changing
the mechanical system very easily and quickly using LMS Virtual.Lab Motion.”

Martin Bueche
Head of Calculation and Simulation Department
Liebherr Group

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Joy Global

"our company has implemented model-based systems engineering tools and methodologies using Simcenter Amesim from the Simcenter portfolio to predict the overall performance of their mining equipment, reach time-to-market and minimize development risks".

Anab Akanda
principal mechatronics software engineer
Joy Global


Simcenter Amesim supports land vehicle manufacturers in the design of robust, reliable and environmentally friendly systems.

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Simcenter Amesim 19.1

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