Engineering Services

expert guidance, supporting your engineering innovation.

Types of Services

We offer a full suite of training and consulting options to help you develop, optimize, test and validate your products.
Services are offered can be: TURN KEY ( a ready to go solution, with minimum involvement for the client) , FULL TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER (methodology is transferred to the clients as well as the solution, the client's technical resources are trained and involved at every step of the project) or any INTERMEDIARY solution that fits the client's needs.


Our simulation and analyses expertise, at your service, for concept development, robust design and optimization.
Thanks to a team of specialized and skilled application engineers, and close partnerships with the main simulation software houses, BSim can flexibly employ a variety of simulation tools, according to the client's preference.

Analisi vibrazioni motore - Testing and Validation


Automotive engine endurance and NVH testing, powertrain NVH and Wind Tunnel testing. BSim executes the tests, and provides data analyses and correlation with any simulations carried out on the product.


Learn how to use our simulation software, or improve existing skills. We provide standard class room courses or customized on-site we've got something for everyone and every budget.


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