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Engineering simulation for the development of fluid systems.

FloMASTER is a powerful one-dimensional fluid-dynamic simulation tool for complex piping systems. FloMASTER is made by Mentor (now part of Siemens Industry) and distributed by BSim Engineering.

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FloMASTER functionality

FloMASTER can be used in every phase of product development, exploiting its data management and analysis functions, for the analysis and sizing of thermo-fluidic systems, and in particular for:

- Simulating pressure waves, temperatures and flows at each point of the plant;
- Studying the impact of plant layout variations, component variations, operating conditions on the overall performance of the plant in an accurate and fast manner.

Components Catalog and Import from CAD

Wide catalog of components included in the software, with accurate characterization and high predictability.

The CAD2FM feature allows you to import complex networks of pipes from 3D modeling tools, eliminating tedious re-modeling operations in FloMASTER.

Powerful Solver for Transient Analysis

Versatile solver for static and transient analysis of compressible and incompressible systems, with heat exchange analysis;

Predictive simulation of pressure waves, temperatures and flow rates.

Open Architecture

Develop your components within the platform.
Create scripts to check hydraulic components or networks.
The Open API structure allows the integration of proprietary software developed in-house, within the simulation process.
The Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) supports the export of models and co-simulation with other CAE tools.
Exports the hydrodynamic forces generated by a transient event, such as a time history that can be used for stress analysis with instruments such as SST CAEPIPE and Integraph® CAESAR II®.

DOE - Design of Experiments

DOE functionality allows to perform "what-if" analysis in a thermo-fluidic environment.
Through the “Latin Square” algorithm, FloMASTER allows you to generate a unique combination of input values within the imposed boundaries.
This allows the creation of meta-models and response surfaces which are then processed by FloMASTER.
Monte Carlo simulations are used to produce probability-based simulations.

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Simulation aims to support the technical office in its work, facilitating the design and bringing advantages to the company.
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BSim Engineering – About us

BSim Engineering is based on over 20 years of experience in engineering simulation and is a trusted partner for the supply of advanced simulation tools and engineering consultancy.
We support our customers, suppliers and OEMs in the automotive, construction, aerospace and mechanical engineering sectors, in overcoming the difficulties of design, validation and testing, to introduce better products to the market more quickly.
In 2010 BSim becomes Siemens Solution Partner and sole authorized distributor of the Simcenter Amesim product, in Italy.
BSim Engineering opened then 3 other European branches in France, Germany and Switzerland, which will quickly become Siemens Solution Partners.
Increasingly ambitious goals push BSim to increasingly specialize its staff of competent technicians towards other solutions in the Siemens portfolio.
The commitment is repaid with the assignment to BSim Italy, in 2018, of the "Smart Expert" title by Siemens, and in 2019 of the possibility of distributing another 2 products of the Siemens Simcenter portfolio: FloEFD and Flomaster.


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