Solutions for the Aerospace Sector

Use engineering simulation software to validate performance and reliability of a new design and the validity of its control in order to reduce experimental tests, costs and development times.


BSim offers skills and technologies to aerospace industry companies covering the following areas:

New generation supersonic jet design is flying in the secret test area. Genius scientist is working in secret technological base. Military war technology grows every day. Researchers scientist doing tests. Industrial design technology in near future.

Power Management Simulations

Simulate the energy absorption and the power demand of the aircraft sub-systems, dynamically during the work cycle.

Virtual bench-marking of alternative designs to reduce dissipation and replace over-energy consuming systems.

Size and simulate innovative energy recovery systems performance.

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3D Fluid Dynamics Simulation

Determine the behaviour of fluids (liquids and gases) inside or outside the product.

Through CFD the engioneer is able to determine useful information for the project such as flow rates, temperatures, pressures, pressure drops and flows in a simple and economical way.

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Multi-physical Dynamic Simulation 0D/1D

Take advantage of a digital twin of your aircraft design to analyze the performance of the aircraft’s individual ATA systems (fuel, hydraulic system and landing gear, flight implementations, power board-net, ECS…) during the aircraft mission profile.

Study the impact of changes at component or layout level by checking beforehand that there are no consequences on the desired performance of the plant and its safety, as operating conditions change.

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Fluid-dynamic analysis CFD 1D

Study and optimize the design of hydraulic / pneumatic systems (such as ECS or hydraulic networks), thanks to the 0D/1D Fluid Dynamics simulation.

Virtually predict the temperature, humidity, pressure fluctuations, pressure drop patterns as the design changes and the global operating and working conditions of the plant.

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diminiure i costi e il time to market

Aircraft Electrification

Model and virtually simulate the performance of new power systems and electrical actuation to power and control various auxiliary systems of the aircraft, evaluating the performance of different configurations:
  • virtually reproduce the dynamic performance of the system, as design and operating conditions change;
  • evaluate the fuel savings generated by the use of electrical systems;
  • analyse in advance the thermal aspects related to the introduction of electrical systems.
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Simulation and Real Benefits

“What we appreciate in Simcenter Amesim are its multi-domain capabilities, the solver’s robustness and the simple ‘block-by-block’ interface that still remains open to customization with LMS Amesim.”

Rodolphe Denis
Head of Actuation System Mechanics and Simulation
Nacelle Actuating Systems Team

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“Simcenter Amesim help us have a very fine model representation of every behaviour. It supports thermal, mechanic, hydraulic and fuel equipment.
Simcenter Amesim help us to reduce the fuel system design cycle.”

Stéphane Amerio and Nicolas Certain
Airbus Helicopters

“Our simulation models make it possible to know beforehand whether we have reached the performance targets so we can prepare the test phase with more insight.”

Christian Bénac
Head of Modeling and Simulation Deployment

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