Solutions for the Mechanical Industry Sector

Use engineering simulation software to validate performance and reliability of a new design and the validity of its control in order to reduce experimental tests, costs and development times.


BSim offers skills and technologies to mechanical industry sector’s companies covering the following areas:

Power Management Simulations

Simulate the energy absorption and the power demand of the aircraft sub-systems, dynamically during the work cycle.

Virtual benchmarking of alternative designs to reduce dissipation and replace over-energy consuming systems.

Size and simulate innovative energy recovery systems performance.

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3D Fluid Dynamics Simulation

Determine the behaviour of fluids (liquids and gases) inside or outside the product.

Through CFD the engineer is able to determine useful information for the project such as flow rates, temperatures, pressures, pressure drops and flows in a simple and economical way.

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Multi-physical Dynamic Simulation 0D / 1D

Analyse the integrated and dynamic performance of machinery (thermal, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical parts) during the work cycle.

Study the impact of design changes on the component or layout in order to speed up the processing or enhancement of the machinery, checking in advance that there are no consequences on the machining precision.

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Frequency Analysis for Vibration Study

Study the dynamic behaviour of a layout when it is subjected to vibration.

Deepen the causes of unwanted mechanical vibrations or due to fluid-structure couplings

Avoid mechanical resonance phenomena by identifying the proper frequencies of the system components and unwanted couplings.

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Virtual Commissioning

Create high-fidelity plant models of the physical and dynamic behaviour of the machine systems, using model-based simulation software compatible with real time.

Couple the physical model with the control software, and verify the goodness of the control during a work cycle through the behaviour of the virtual model.

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Predictive Maintenance BSim Engineering Siemens

Predictive Maintenance

Exploit in parallel both data and parameters acquired by the PLC installed on the machinery, and virtual “digital twin” models, made with advanced engineering simulation software, capable to reproduce the dynamic behaviour of the machinery in all its sub-installations.

When the PLC detects any change in the typical values, the virtual model (digital twin) of the machinery is used to investigate the cause of the problem, by simulating the operating conditions set on the real machinery and sending back to the PLC the control settings which solve the issue, all of this process is in a closed loop.

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Simulation and Real Benefits

“Already, we have reduced the number of prototypes by 20 percent.”

Gabriele Pastrello
R&D Engineering

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“We highly appreciate the products and support from Siemens PLM Software.
They help us design the most energy-efficient weaving looms on the market.”

Kristof Roelstraete
Manager Research and Development

“Thanks to the system simulation, we can evaluate future operating points by changing the geometries of the cleaning nozzle or the water lines.”

Tobias Malec
Development Engineer

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predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance: Analytically foresee a maintenance intervention, avoid the imminent failure of a plant by adapting the machinery control in real time.

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A Digital Twin is a virtual copy of a real product created to perform tests in order to improve functionality and prevent design errors.

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