Exploring the future of heavy equipment electrification with Simcenter Amesim

Battery ageing and thermal analysis Simcenter AmesimBattery ageing and thermal analysis with Simcenter Amesim

The heavy equipment industry is usually considered as quite conservative from an innovation standpoint. We can explain this by its B2B (business conducted between companies) nature and by the fact that the products delivered are used as tools.

Additionally, CO2 emissions reduction requirements coming from regulators are not yet enforced as in the automotive market. This is due to the relatively low impact of heavy equipment machines on global warming (See figure 1). However, many signals tend to say that CO2 emissions reduction will be required in the off-highway sector soon. This new regulation will come on top of other drivers like noise pollution reduction, low emission zones or StageV pollutant emissions limits for machines below 19 kW.

European CO2 emissions sourcesFigure 1: Share of Agriculture, forestry, construction equipment and mining sources on European CO2 emissions

Simcenter Amesim as an electrification enabler

In this context, electrification is a relevant engineering solution to consider for some of the heavy equipment machines. It is time for manufacturers to explore electrification by initiating research project, establishing relationship with new suppliers and building an “electrification know-how”. Building this know-how using a traditional engineering approach (prototype based) would take years and significant cost to meet market expectations.

Cost of error removalFigure 2: Cost of error removal along the development cycle. Source: NAFEMS 2015 – Christian Bénac; Head of Modeling and Simulation Deployment – Airbus

Instead, relying on Simcenter Amesim is a way for manufacturers to explore electrification possibilities and to prepare the future products. This is what Mecalac did with the e12, a battery electric wheeled excavator: Construction machinery manufacturer uses Simcenter Amesim to develop electric wheeled excavator. You’re eager to learn more about our solutions? You can register to the on-demand webinar about hybrid excavator and battery electric tractor simulations.

Additionally, you can go further by attending the two following events and joining the “Electrification of a Caterpillar 303.5E CR compact excavator use case” sessions:

– VDI Conference Electrified Off-Highway Machines, 03-04 March 2020, Düsseldorf, Germany: More details here about the session.

– IVT Expo Electric, hybrid and alternative powertrain solutions, 24-25 June 2020, Köln Messe, GermanyMore details here about the session.

Electrification of a 3.5 tons excavator with Simcenter AmesimFigure 3: Electrification of a 3.5 tons excavator using Simcenter Amesim

Finally, Siemens will hold a workshop at The Battery Show Europe, 27 April 2020, Messe Stuttgart, Germany. There, you can get a comprehensive overview of Simcenter Amesim capabilities for heavy equipment electrification: More details for registration.

So, join to explore new solutions and prepare for a greener future in the heavy industry!

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