FloEFD Validation Example: Pin-fin Heat Sink Cooling by Natural Convection

Heat sink technologies play a vital role in electronic systems cooling, let’s look deeper into their fluiddynamic behaviour in this white paper.

Engineers tasked with designing modern electronics, are facing several challenges: more functionality, more power and more components in ever-smaller packages, as well as shorter turnaround for production and tighter budget parameters.

Heat sinks play an important role in electronics cooling. In this white paper we’re going to compare experimental results and numerical simulation results, obtained with CFD-3D software FloEFD relating to the heat transfer from an electrically heated thermofoil which is mounted flush on a plexiglass substrate, coated by an aluminum pin-fin heat sink with a 9×9 pin fin array, and placed in a closed plexiglass box.

Download this White Paper >

Download this White Paper

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