How to tune a PID controller with Simcenter Amesim, in just a few clicks







This article discusses how to tune a PID with Simcenter Amesim, in just a few clicks.

Who has never dealt with tedious calibration of a control loop? When it comes to controlling a system so that it follows a target, the first idea might be to use the widespread Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controller. This general purpose controller has several assets: it fits in many cases, it has just 3 parameters and it doesn’t require deep controls background to be set up. It is used successfully in more than 90% of actual industrial applications, most of them being just PI controllers, without derivative action.

However, calibrating those 3 gains is sometimes a cumbersome process. That’s where Simcenter Amesim’s PID tuner helps. In just a few clicks, the controller can be easily calibrated. This video will guide you through the different steps to quickly calibrate a PID loop.

See how it works in this demo: 

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