Move the aircraft propulsion electrification to the next level through simulation

Cranfield University and Siemens Industry Software join strengths together to support the aerospace companies meet their environmental agenda

The environmental challenge and emissions reduction are on the agenda of all aerospace manufacturers. So, bringing a new solution to go along with aircraft makers in their new program strategy is part of our role at Siemens Industry Software. In this context, our simulation software development teams are focusing every day on providing the best answers and the best tools to meet those needs.

One of these solutions is about propulsion electrification. Even if this word “electrification” is nowadays on every industrials’ lips, making that true is another step. It is that “extra step” that our Simcenter Amesim development team decided to take in partnership with the University of Cranfield [1].

Bonding a partnership between the two entities has resulted in a new solution available in the Simcenter Amesim software. Since 2017, our teams have been collaborating to deliver a high-quality gas turbine modeling and performance simulation solution. The teams continuously update the solution to meet the ever-evolving aerospace industry challenges. The vision is to move towards a fully integrated systems simulation. Therefore, we can assess all aspects of engine-related systems including control, thermal and energy management throughout the whole operating envelope.

Listen to Helen Atkinson and Thierry Olbrechts and learn how that partnership has enabled to bring experts together and propose a solution for the future of aircraft propulsion electrification.

Helen Atkinson – Pro-Vice-Chancellor – Aerospace, Transport, Manufacturing at Cranfield University
and Thierry Olbrechts – Simcenter AS&D director at Siemens Industry Software.


You want to go deeper into details about that topic and learn about Ioannis Roumeliotis research group work? Register to the webinar Assessing thermo-electric powerplants for rotorcraft using system simulation co-host by Olivier Broca Simcenter Amesim Aerospace and Defense solution product line manager.

[1] Cranfield University is a leading provider of postgraduate level engineering education, research and technology support to individuals and organizations. At the forefront of aerospace, manufacturing and transport systems technology and management for over 70 years, the academic institution delivers multi-disciplinary solutions to the complex challenges facing the industry.

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