Optimizing After-Treatment Systems Performance.

Using a model-based system design approach to support the engineering of exhaust systems in an RDE context

The growing adoption of new regulations for the vehicle tail-pipe emissions has caused significant changes in the product development cycle of automotive OEMs.

Rules have changed quite radically within a short timeframe, shifting from regular but smooth evolution of the emissions legal constraints we used to have year after year.

The application of Real Driving Emissions (RDE) strongly impacts the way manufacturers engineer vehicles, and this also affects suppliers who can promote new features, tools and methodologies.

The new RDE regulations – whose objective is to evaluate vehicles in real life conditions – generated a more critical need to access efficient modeling and simulation tools supporting the analysis of vehicle emissions at any stage of the design cycle.

System simulation used to be only deployed for R&D activities and (pre)design purpose.

Simcenter Amesim ™ software answers this growing demand for system simulation involved with the RDE standards requirements.
The after-treatment device (monolith and/or filter) is modeled using a 0D flow approach and thermal components.
They can be easily combined to represent a full 1D channel model, to simulate the gradient of temperature along the monolith.
This is definitely a “must have” for a fine prediction of the chemistry and the regeneration of filters in particular. 
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