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August 30 , 2016 | Posted by admin |
Kimeme 4.0 is out !
BETTER INTEGRATION. BETTER USABILITY. BETTER PERFORMANCE BSim is pleased to announce CyberDyne has released Kimeme 4.0, the innovative multi-objective optimization platform! The new release includes a number of novelties and improvements to offer a new user experience and better numerical results. Some of the highlights: new CAD/CAE integration nodes (Strand7, Ansys, Siemens NX) execution timers in integration [...]  0

BSim Engineering
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BSim opens new Engineering Services branch

Italy, Torino: BSim Engineering is happy to announce the creation of a new corporate branch, BSim Engineering Services (ES).
Building upon BSim’s solid experience and background in the engineering innovation and simulation fields, the new ES division has a mission to support companies to overcome the hurdles of engineering, and get better products to the market, faster.

Of the new branch creation Marco Brunelli, Director of BSim Engineering, says: “Over the past years, we’ve been witnessing an increasing need in our clients for a partner to rely upon during the hurdles of product development; an ally with deep knowledge of advanced CAE software, that can spare clients from spending time on simulation and testing activities, while maintaining  a practical, application-oriented mindset”
In its years of activity, BSim has been working closely with leading companies in the automotive,  off-highway, aerospace and mechanical machinery industries. While actively supporting these clients in the use of simulation tools for their analyses, BSim has been building solid, cross-industry, case-history and application-oriented knowledge.

“This kind of knowledge, coupled with our strong skills in engineering simulation and close partnerships with software houses and testing facilities, is what make BSim ES a desirable partner, able to provide powerful technical solutions for product simulation, development, testing and validation.” concludes Brunelli.

BSim ES areas of expertise cover concept design, detailed design, current design optimization,  virtual root-cause analyses, NVH and wind tunnel testing.
Employing advanced simulation software, BSim can assess: dynamic performance, natural frequencies,  structural resistance, weight reduction, detailed fluid dynamics for new designs/technologies or current ones in need of optimization. In an effort to single-out the best combination of design parameters and structural design BSim uses innovative multi-objective parametric and topological optimization tools.
Solid partnerships with experts among the bests in their fields of activity, allow BSim to provide top expertise in CFD, FEM and Aeroacoustics.
Thanks to consolidated collaborations with several Testing and Wind-Tunnel facilities, BSim ES can couple its virtual simulation analyses with:

  • testing campaigns to solve NVH issues on engine and transmission;
  • test sessions for flow analyses, with measurement of aerodynamic forces, also combining data analyses services and integration of CFD with test track data.

A final field of specialization for BSim ES is Electrical and Hybrid Vehicle development; capabilities in this area include:

  • system architecture and design definition and integration
  • vehicle dynamics, drive cycle and closed track modeling and simulation
  • project management activities for research and selection of vehicle components from suppliers

For more information on the new BSim ES division,  head HERE

August 4 , 2016 | Posted by admin |
Powertrain Electrification Challenges
Powertrain Electrification ChallengesWhy sustainable transport has become an imperative, and what challenges are being faced to develop "greener" systems. With global CO2 levels rocketing up to 403.5 parts per million, an estimated 53 million people dying per year for toxic emissions, and temperatures  steadily increasing as a result of green-house-effect, in the automotive propulsion field something's-gotta-give. If the future of the [...]  0
May 20 , 2016 | Posted by admin |
Multi-objective optimization: scary term? Nope! easy concept and useful technology!
The term multi-objective optimization may sound some-what foreign, but I promise you, you've been using it yourself every day, for years. Bare with me.. Say you're buying a car. You'll probably want a performant and an attractive one, but at the lowest possible price. The choice criteria you're working with, are: economic convinience, performance and aesthetics. Notice that if you choose [...]  0

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