Simcenter Amesim Academic Bundle

Delivering industry-leading system simulation technology for premier educational programs

Today’s job market is becoming more and more challenging. Engineers must now work with high-precision projects in which designing the product right the first time is mandatory. Consequently, universities must prepare their students with world-class engineering and product design courses.

Delivering powerful educational tools

The Simcenter Amesim Academic Bundle enables universities to access an exhaustive range of Simcenter Amesim libraries at a special price. Your students can use an intuitive and interactive graphical user interface (GUI) to build complex multi-domain system models in minutes by combining validated components from libraries covering physical domains, such as hydraulic, pneumatic, thermal, mechanical and electromechanical.

This innovative concept means students can avoid creating cumbersome numerical models and writing code.
The result is a straightforward system model representation that is easy to understand. Therefore, rather than spending time building a functional model, future innovators can focus on critical tasks such as optimizing the design early in the process.


• Innovative and open platform for multi-domain system design andsimulation

• Unique combination of all physical and application-oriented Simcenter Amesim validated libraries

• Complete set of analysis tools: linear analysis, activity index, performance analyzer

• Interfaces with Simulink, Python, Visual Basic Application and Scilab
• Advanced plotting and dashboard facilities

• Combination of native Simcenter Amesim and Modelica capabilities in a unique platform


• Enable universities to provide students with the skills required to enter the labor market

• Focus on teaching the principles of design and simulation

• Help educators reinforce theoretical concepts in a practical way

• Take advantage of the full Simcenter Amesim package at a reduced price

Why use Simcenter Amesim Academic Bundle?

How does Simcenter Amesim work?

1. Sketch the System

Choose, and drag into the sketch space, the software physical components and link them in order to recreate a model of the system you want to represent.
With over 5,000 validated and completely parametric components belonging to mulriple physics domains (pumps,valves, electric motors, heating elements, pipes, masses, gears ..), which already are into the software library and available to the user, Simcenter Amesim allows you to quickly create a "model-based" mock-up of the system to be analyzed.

2. Parametrize

Parametrize the components inside your sketch, to adapt them to the actual sizing of real system/component.
Models inside Simcenter Amesim, vary in terms of detail and parameters that have to be provided, according to the information available and the stage of development in which the product is, the user can choose simplified/basic models or fully-geometrical detailed models.

3. Simulate and Analyze

Simulate transient working conditions, the trends of: pressure, temperature, voltage, force, aceleration, speed, flow-rate, etc.
Launch linear analyses, to detect undesired vibrational phenomena due to system integration
Check on evolution of energy balance and power consumption over different working cycles
Analyze your data and system results with advanced plotting facilities, dashboard, animation, table editor, linear analysis, activity index and replay.

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