CNC Machines

Take advantage of Simcenter Amesim's engineering simulation to design increasingly efficient and performing machinery.

Create a "digital twin" of the current machinery and its sub-plants:
power supply, lubrication system, cooling, mechanical arms and control.
Simulate the machine performance in a predictive way during a hypothetical working cycle.
Virtually process different technologies at system, component and control level, and compare performances in order to obtain faster, more precise and energy efficient machines.

Industrial Challenges and Solutions

Precision. Speed. Energy consumption.
Accuracy and speed of the machines together with energy efficiency are key elements that guide the design process of a machine tool and which determine the customer's interest.

Developing a machine with these features, a low long-term cost of ownership and an attractive price is a real challenge; a challenge made even more complex by the need to deliver quickly, and with a good profit margin on the machine.

In this context the company can no longer rely "only" on the experience and “savoir faire” accumulated over the years by the staff. It also becomes essential to evolve in the direction of VIRTUAL COMISSIONING, ie the use of engineering design and simulation tools that allow:
• to develop new designs of machinery sub-plants more quickly;
• to predict the performance (including the energy efficiency one) of the machine from the early design stages;
• to validate the control software with respect to the physical characteristics of the machine.

Discover Simcenter Amesim ...

Model. Simulate. Analyze. Optimize.
Quickly realize a virtual model of the machinery installations, and predictively study its dynamic performance.
Rapidly compare alternative technological solutions in the model, and verify the performance on the working cycle, at no cost.
Virtually confirm the goodness of the control software, new or retro-fitted, by coupling it with the virtual model of the machine, and testing it on a simulated working cycle.
Simulate the performance of the machine's systems, on simulated working cycles
Use the Simcenter Amesim model of your machine as a virtual "test-bench" in order to compare the performance of different machine layouts, evaluate the yield of components from new suppliers, at no cost and from the early design stages.
Predict the energy efficiency of your design and identify the most energy-consuming systems.
Take advantage of Simcenter Amesim's "green design" tool to predict the energy consumption of the machinery, monitor absorptions, identify the most energy-consuming plants, and study alternative designs for energy saving.
It validates the control software, by interfacing it with the virtual model of the machine.
Simcenter Amesim allows control software developers and machine plant designers to collaborate to virtually calibrate or debug the machine control software (Software in the Loop) or hardware PLC (hardware in the loop) by interfacing it with the physical model of the machinery in Simcenter Amesim, and by simulating a hypothetical working cycle.
Anticipate machine failures and breakdowns with predictive maintenance.
Insert the data concerning the wear of the components obtained from the machine surveys into the virtual machine model of Simcenter Amesim, and perform predictive simulations of the machine's future life in order to anticipate the necessary maintenance operations and reduce interruptions in the workpiece processing.

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