Simcenter Amesim – 0D/1D Dynamic System Simulation

Simcenter Amesim™ software from Siemens PLM Software offers a complete 1D simulation platform to model and analyze shipbuilding systems so you can predict multidisciplinary performance.
With Simcenter Amesim, suppliers are able to simulate and validate components and subsystems early in the design cycle, and create crypted models that can be shared with customers while ensuring intellectual property (IP) protection. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can simulate the integration of all supplier components in order to match the function specifications and validate design choices early on in the development cycle.

Simcenter Amesim has been adopted as the preferred 1D system-simulation platform by major engine and systems suppliers in the shipbuilding industry worldwide.


marine engine
Simcenter Amesim gives you the ability to study all the subsystems involved in marine engines: air path, fuel injection, valvetrain, lubrication and cooling:
Simcenter Amesim helps you model and design comprehensive internal combustion engine systems from air management and combustion to engine control by providing accurate physical engine models and components. It offers a cutting-edge, flexible environment for designing and optimizing virtual engine concepts.
Further, Simcenter Amesim enables you to model engine-cooling systems, including all components (pump, thermostat,heat exchangers, etc.) with the associated heat exchanges.
Simcenter Amesim also offers the required tools to model and design the entire engine-lubrication system with all the associated components (pump, valves and bearings) for performance validation, system optimization, failures investigation and evaluation of new architecture.
marine propulsion
Simcenter Amesim gives you an indepth understanding of powertrain system noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) performance. It provides all the required information on the root causes of noise and vibration problems related to mechanical contacts. These problems can potentially have negative consequences on key component durability.
You can focus on NVH sources and related corrective component efficiency, such as engine torsional harmonics and propulsion shaft vibration analysis. The solution provides a better physical understanding of driveline vibrations due to a combination of linear and nonlinear systems (dry frictions, variable stiffness, endstops, bearings, joints and gear backlash).
marine electrical
Simcenter Amesim provides a set of component models, including electric motors, power electronics and storage devices to simulate electromechanical components and electrical systems.
You can represent electric storage systems with variable-model complexity, using powerful features in order to accurately evaluate energy exchanges of batteries or similar electric storage devices in variable environment conditions, and specify power and energy needs in multidomain systems.
In addition, Simcenter Amesim helps you to optimize dynamic performance, check controls, minimize energy consumption, study the impact on the electrical environment (voltage drops and current peaks) and design power networks with different model complexity levels.
hydraulic marine
Simcenter Amesim enables the design of fluid power actuation systems and components for deck crane hydraulic
systems, controllable pitch propellers, steering gear, etc.
The solution provides you with a set of cutting-edge features and advanced-simulation tools for developing products with components actuated by hydraulic and pneumatic fluid-power systems, improving product quality with robustness and reliability, reducing power generation (variable displacement pumps, load-sensing) and developing and optimizing new functions (self-leveling, control strategies).
environmental marine
Simcenter Amesim helps you design the optimal environmental control system that makes air breathable and comfortable in terms of pressure, temperature, flow and humidity. It enables you to handle multidisciplinary systems for
advanced design of: gas dynamics, thermal pneumatics, vapor cycle (two-phase flow), air conditioning, and controls.
It helps you design systems involved in environmental control systems, including:
bleed system control, global energy management, air conditioning, ventilation circuit, oxygen circuit and the cabin. The solution easily handles high-system complexity and takes into account multiple parameters (temperature, humidity, pressure and change of pressure rate) in dynamic conditions.

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