Simcenter FLOEFD LED module

Achieving highly accurate thermal simulation of luminaires


Simcenter™ FLOEFD™ software is a frontloading computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software that is designed to work with computer-aided design (CAD) so you can simulate fluid flow and heat transfer using 3D CAD models without creating data translations or copies. It has been used for 30 years to pioneer thermal characterization and analysis of integrated circuits (ICs) and light-emitting diodes (LEDs).
The Simcenter FLOEFD LED module provides an important set of analysis capabilities for lighting engineers and designers.

Correct prediction of temperature and condensation/icing

  • Monte Carlo radiation model for simulating absorption and scattering of radiation in semi-transparent solids such as glass as well as considering effects such as refraction, specular reflection and wavelength dependency (spectrum properties of the radiation)
  • Condensation model capable of simulating film condensation, evaporation and icing/de-icing and a water absorption model that enables solids to absorb humidity and release it again in the right environmental conditions.  Continue reading..
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Discover Simcenter FloEFD

Computational fluid dinamics

Simcenter FloEFD is the only fluid dynamics simulation software which is really embedded into CAD.
It is powerful, accurate and simple to use.
FloEFD is distributed in Italy by BSim Engineering.

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