Simcenter Flomaster V9.2 delivers the accuracy, flexibility and speed you demand

Network results display

The Network result display in the latest release allows users to quickly visualise and understand results on the schematic.
Simcenter Flomaster™ has a range of post-processing tools including:
• Standard such as plots and data tables
• Specialist tools such as PH diagrams, pipe line profile tools

In V9.2 the functionality has been expanded to make it easier to find via the post processing toolbar.

The network results display allows users to
• draw branch and node results
• visualize matching node and pipe results on the pipe
• auto range with user configuration if required
• select transient play back
• output the selected view can be output to clipboard or file

By visualizing the network in this way, users are able to quickly and easily see how the network is behaving and spot critical points and problems.

Component results report

The component results report enables users to quickly review, process and report component and associated node results. Users are able to define reports and automatically export into Excel.
Dashboards display multiple transient results, and have been enhanced to allow portability and advanced reporting.
Steady state results reports are fully customisable with all data saved into Excel.

Simcenter Flomaster from Simcenter  HEEDS portal

Take control of the Simcenter Flomaster network from Simcenter HEEDS. The portal works directly on the parametric study defined in the Simcenter Flomaster network. Input and output parameters added to the parametric study are automatically made available for use with the portal. In addition to this, access to the parametric study data is granted via login on the database made by the portal allowing users to take full advantage of optimization, saving cost and time.

Blade cooling can be modelled thanks to the internal duct component

This functionality has been specifically designed to model the rotating flow passages that are commonly found in the blades of a gas turbine.

The internal duct component models rectangular ducts of variable cross-sectional area with up to four different types of enhanced surface around the duct wall.
The duct can be specified to rotate about an axis and the rotational enhancements to friction and heat transfer are considered.

The internal duct also allows the user to easily define own IP for friction and heat transfer correlations using scripts stored in the Simcenter Flomaster database for future re-use.

“ The use of Simcenter Flomaster within ZF Wind Power has resulted in an efficient way of developing oil distribution networks for wind turbine gearboxes.” Jo Loenders Design engineer ZF Wind Power

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