Simcenter Testing Solutions

Drive innovation and productivity in test-based engineering

In the digital era, it remains crucial to test, validate and optimize real-world designs within the constraints of shorter testing cycles, conflicting performance requirements, growing product complexity and reduced costs.

Enhance testing processes and boost productivity and product innovation with Simcenter Testing Solutions. Our solutions integrate multiphysics data acquisition hardware with a complete suite of acquisition, analytics and modeling software to cover a wide range of test needs.

Simcenter Testing Solutions

Simcenter Testing Solutions deliver critical insights for innovate smart products, increase testing productivity and efficiency, maintain quality, enhance team collaboration and engineering flexibility, close the loop with simulation and lower cost of ownership.
They combine high-speed multichannel data acquisition hardware solutions with integrated testing, analysis and report software.

Simcenter Testlab

Combine multi-channel data acquisition, comprehensive integrated testing solutions and data management for test-based engineering.

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Simcenter Sound Camera

Accelera la risoluzione dei problemi acustici con la localizzazione rapida e versatile delle sorgenti acustiche

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Simcenter SCADAS

Optimize your testing productivity with a broad range of data acquisition systems

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Simcenter Testxpress

Make no compromise on testing efficiency and productivity with our and vibration analyzer

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Simcenter Soundbrush

See what you hear in full 3D. Simcenter Soundbrush combines 3D sound intensity with visualization of the sound sources.

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Simcenter Testlab Neo

Enjoy the next-generation software for multidisciplinary test-based performance engineering.

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What's new in Simcenter Testlab 2019.1

Use test-based data throughout the entire product development phases, including design, engineering, validation and certification.
Revision 2019.1 introduces new technologies and a series of functional enhancements, adding a dimension to the digitalization trend and effectively implementing the new role of physical testing.

The release includes: model-based system testing (MBST) solutions, NVH synthesis with component-based transfer path analysis (TPA), sound design, sound quality engineering, and more innovations.

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