Town Water Supply Design and Optimization with FloMASTER


Reliable and efficient supply of town water is an essential necessity for the brand new Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport and its surrounding business park. Static and dynamic hydraulic simulation of the area’s town water supply system will assist in optimizing critical plant components and result in lower life cycle costs and more reliable system operation.

The Challenge

The safe storage and reliable distribution of water of sufficient volume and quality is the ultimate objective of every town water supply system design.
The Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport area is located in hilly terrain with an elevation range of some 90m, this creating a challenging pressure distribution envelope when complying with town water supply design guidelines. The challenge is further exacerbated by water flow from the deeper supply network being limited to 60L/s while the maximum town water system demand is 163L/s. Hydraulic simulation of complex water supply networks is traditionally carried out in steady state mode. However, dynamic simulations are able to predict a time based system response which may prove important.

For example, time-lags resulting from filling and draining of site storages may have a significant impact on the overall system capacity and thus require careful consideration.

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