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Training Courses

Improving your simulation software skills and use methodology.

Training Schedule 2019

Simcenter Amesim Basics Course

BSim Offices ITALY. TURIN | March 11th 2019 | 09.00-18.00


This training course introduces new users of Simcenter Amesim to the structure and the use of the software as well as the modelling and simulation process. The course forms the basis for all the SimcenterAmesim application-oriented training.

Who is the Course for:

Techinal Specialists or Engineers who start using Simcenter Amesim and/or AmeRun. Engineering and or Scientific
background is required, as well as basic computer knowledge.



Simcenter Amesim Powetrain Course

BSim Offices ITALY, TURIN | March 12 - 13, 2019 | 09.00-18.00


This training course enables the designer to address the various physical phenomena involved in powertrain system simulation. The participant is guided through the design and analysis of transmission systems and components from the engine up to the wheels.

Who is the Course for:

Technical Specialists or Engineers who are starting to use Simcenter Amesim for the design of their transmission systems


Participation in Simcenter Amesim Basics Course.

Ask us for information, book your place in the classroom, or request a personalized one


Individual client training classes can be scheduled, on-site or at BSim’s offices, at the customer’s request. Topics are completely customized to the client’s need and application. Typically, training will include a day on software fundamentals, if the client is a basic user, and then two to three days on methodology and process of modeling and simulating the specific system/product of interest of the client. The trainer is a selected application engineer with experience in using simulation for the client’s application.


BSim organizes several classroom-style training sessions throughout the year at its HQ offices.
Class-training levels range from basic to advanced.
Topics range from software fundamentals and platform tools to application driven courses, explaining how to simulate specific engineering systems and related phenomena.

Did not find what you were interested in on the calendar? Contact us and we will be happy to program one for you.

Ask us for information, book your place in the classroom, or request a personalized one,

We will be happy to help you