Using FloEFD as an Engineering Tool

What do you do when faced with analyzing a shell and tube heat exchanger as in the model? I can already hear you saying “you want to ‘C..F..D’ this thing!? There’s like a thousand meters worth of piping..?” Quite literally in fact, approximately 1km in total with a 1mm wall thickness and 800 bends.

Thoughts that run through my mind are: “How big is this mesh going to be? How long is it going to take to solve? I only have a quad core laptop (at least with 32GB of memory which helps)”.

And if I were to use anything other than FloEFD I’d also think with all those bends I’m probably going to have to remodel the piping so that I can HEX-mesh it…

It seems overwhelming at first because most of the time, us engineers simply don’t have time for all that, we need answers and we needed them yesterday!

Fortunately this is exactly where FloEFD starts to make a lot of sense, especially for the internal pipe flow, where the SmartCells™ technology within FloEFD really comes into play.

SmartCells will recognize directly from the CAD geometry if it is a pipe or a channel, and decide based on the number of cells across this pipe or channel to apply a textbook or engineering calculation (1D) for the pressure drop and heat transfer when there is insufficient cells across the pipe to numerically resolve the flow.

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Download white paper

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