[White Paper] Efficiently combining test and simulation for model-based development

Read this white paper and learn more about model-based system testing and its applications. This unique solution merges physical testing and simulation into one environment to accelerate development by providing augmented engineering insights. Model-based system testing technology helps test and simulation engineers predict and enhance the performance of their complex mechatronic and smart systems for engineering attributes, such as ride and handling, acoustics, and comfort.

Discover the three main categories of virtual sensing techniques and their applications:

– Test for simulation

– Test with simulation

– Simulation for test

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Discover Simcenter Amesim

Mechatronic, model-based simulation software for the design of multi-domain systems and components

Simcenter Amesim is a powerful simulation and engineering design tool, developed by Siemens Software Industry and distributed by BSim Engineering.Use Simcenter Amesim to study the design of a component and its control, identify the ideal layout of a subsystem or check the integrated performance of several machine systems.

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